Alex Simotas, MD

Hospital for Special Surgery
Board Certified Physiatrist
Specializing In Spine & Sports Medicine

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About Dr. Simotas

Alex-SimotasDr. Alexander C. Simotas is a board certified physiatrist specializing in spine and sports medicine. An Assistant Attending Physician at the Hospital for Special Surgery since 1992, Dr. Simotas became the first full-time physiatrist appointed by the hospital. Dr. Simotas has been published in numerous scientific journals, and his innovative nonsurgical and minimally invasive procedures have helped to create a world-class physiatry program at the Hospital for Special Surgery. Dr. Simotas is also an Associate Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College.

Dr. Simotas received his BA from Columbia College. He earned his MD degree from Columbia University Medical School, and completed his residency training at New York University, followed by a Fellowship in Spine and Sports Medicine at the University of Washington, Stanford University, and the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

Dr. Simotas treats patients suffering from various disorders of the spine, including disc herniation, spinal stenosis, and facet joint arthritis, as well as patients suffering from conditions of the pelvis such as sacroiliac or coccyx pain. He also treats joint and soft tissue conditions such as osteoarthritis, chronic tendonitis, or bursitis affecting the shoulder, hip, or knee using radiographically-guided technology.

Dr. Simotas is committed to using non-operative and minimally invasive procedures for the treatment of spine and sports medicine problems. Most of his treatment plans involve a multi-faceted and interdisciplinary approach that combines multiple therapies to provide maximum effectiveness and success. He works closely with his patients to allow them to attain the highest level of functioning possible, within a wellness lifestyle that includes regular exercise, proper diet, and weight control. Although Dr. Simotas treats many professional athletes, he sees each patient as an individual, and will carefully consider their personal goals and capabilities, and then assist them in achieving their desired results.

Dr. Simotas takes a personal interest in each patient, and employs an individualized approach to treatment. Each patient is given a comprehensive evaluation using radiographic diagnostic tools to assess their condition. Dr. Simotas is then able to prescribe the right combination of nonsurgical treatments tailored to each patient’s unique situation. These treatment options may include:

  • Medication
  • Physical Therapy
  • Orthotics
  • Exercise
  • Office-Based Injections
  • Radiographically-Guided Procedures

Dr. Simotas routinely performs specialized procedures that include:

  • Epidural And Facet Joint Injections
  • Cyst Aspirations
  • Radiofrequency Denervation And Discography
  • Peripheral Joint Injections
  • Tendon Sheath/Ligament Injections
  • Bursa and Cyst Injections

He also performs electrodiagnostic testing (EMGs) and nerve conduction studies. These are special tests that assess injury or dysfunction of nerves and muscles.

Dr. Simotas works closely with other sports physicians, physical therapists, physical trainers, psychologists, and nutritionists, and has helped thousands of individuals lead more active exercise-based lifestyles than they ever thought possible. Dr. Simotas sees each patient as an individual, and will carefully consider their personal goals and capabilities, and then assist them in achieving their desired results. He treats patients at all stages of life: from early adolescence to adulthood.

Dr. Simotas is the proud father of two daughters and one son, Elenore, Anabel, and William.