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Key Tools For Success

Why do some individuals make remarkable recoveries from significant injuries and orthopedic problems?

One person recovers, runs marathons, and experiences great physical well-being. Another individual, receiving the same diagnosis and treatment, experiences constant pain and reduced mobility. Why do orthopedic treatments, surgical and nonsurgical, work well for many patients, but poorly for others? Can prevention and the pursuit of healthier lifestyles help stop a growing dependence on treatments? We think so!

The knowledge exists to explain these different outcomes. But applying that knowledge, and translating it into practical treatment, can be a challenge. Some solutions may be found by using better medical technologies. Other solutions can be found by thinking outside the box.

Dr. Simotas looks beyond the parameters of the traditional medical model. With the expertise that comes from over twenty years of experience in academia and at the world-renowned Hospital for Special Surgery, the foundation for Dr. Simotas’s practice is his extensive expertise in musculoskeletal problems. His development of new non-invasive procedures, accompanied by his innovative research, allows Dr. Simotas to utilize many non-operative or minimally invasive procedures to treat spinal and sports-related injuries.

Every Patient’s Condition and Needs are Unique

The most effective treatment plans are multifaceted, and are specifically tailored to a patient’s unique needs. An effective treatment plan will frequently combine exercise, medication, education, and if needed, minor procedures. This multifaceted approach has been proven to be the most effective in reducing pain and increasing physical functioning.

Patient Education Is Crucial To Success

Dr. Simotas believes that patients must become partners in the healing process by understanding their condition, cause, and treatment. He will work with you to take control of your recovery by:

  • Clarifying the real causes of your injury and/or degenerative disease of the spine and musculoskeletal system
  • Clarifying the causes of your pain
  • Supporting you in establishing the positive mind/body connection that is crucial for your success

Personalized Treatment Plans

Dr. Simotas will carefully evaluate your situation, and design a treatment plan that is best suited to providing you with relief with the least amount of invasiveness. His goal is always to select from among various options and to tailor them to your specific needs. Surgery is rarely a first option, and in most cases, will be a last option, if at all.

Treatment may include:

  • Specific medications that may help advance recovery and relieve patient symptoms
  • Aspiration and injection procedures of affected joint, tendon using radiographic technology including the use of agents such as viscosuppliments or PRP
  • Facet and Epidural steroid injections
  • Minor, non-surgical intervention such as radiofrequency denervation
  • Exercise based therapies and physical therapy
  • Sport-specific analysis (runners, swimmers)
  • Cognitive and other supportive therapy to address chronic pain and poor physical function
  • Nutritional counseling

A Healing Partnership

Dr. Simotas will work with you to bring about change by helping you set appropriate goals, by providing you with accurate information, and by helping you maintain the motivation needed for change to occur. Setting and keeping these goals will become a joint partnership. Your success will be based upon embracing a philosophy of wellness that includes changes in exercise, diet, and attitude. However, by partnering with Dr. Simotas in developing and implementing your own unique program, you can achieve real change in your level of pain, fitness, strength, and well-being.

Are you ready to think outside the box and achieve the lifestyle you desire?
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