Alex Simotas, MD

Hospital for Special Surgery
Board Certified Physiatrist
Specializing In Spine & Sports Medicine

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Welcome To Our New Website!

We’re glad that you’re here! This website is filled with resources and tools designed to ease your return to wellness while making your journey a rewarding one.

As you browse through our pages you will find them filled with information that will deepen your understanding of your condition and your treatment options, tools to manage your health, resources to support your treatment plan, and ways that will make connecting with us easier and more efficient.

Becoming knowledgeable about your condition will speed your recovery. To do so, we invite you to explore our many videos and articles to learn more about:

  • The Conditions that we treat including disorders of the back, neck, hip, knee, elbow and arm.
  • The Treatments that we offer and the methods that we use, along with engaging videos detailing each procedure.
  • Our Learning Center explores the risk factors and causes of pain, injury, degenerative disease, and poor functioning.
  • Our Wellness and Exercise center provides key guidance on how the development of an active, healthy lifestyle becomes a critical component of your recovery.
  • Check out Dr. Simotas’ HSS website to watch an interview of him discussing his treatment philosophy.

Staying In Touch With Us Will Soon Get Easier!

You will soon be able to manage many of your routine needs from the privacy and convenience of an internet connection—anytime and anywhere!

In the near future, you can simply sign in to our secure patient services, and you will be able to:

  • Submit An Appointment  Request: Available 24/7 and easy to use, you can take control of your scheduling needs at your convenience.
  • Ask a Question: When a question arises, you want an answer—fast! Now you can get the answers when you need them, giving you satisfaction and peace of mind.
  • Pre-Register: Cut down the wait in the waiting room by downloading and completing our registration forms before you come in.
  • Provide Your Health History: Access and accuracy are instrumental to the doctor-patient relationship. You’ll know that we have the information needed to properly manage your care.
  • Renew Your Prescription: Fill your requests without ever picking up a phone, and have them waiting for you at the pharmacy of your choice.
  • Communicate With our Clinical Staff: Receive important medical information like lab results and health updates as soon as they become available, securely and without delay.