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Hospital for Special Surgery
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A Look At The Cycle In Pain

Back pain can develop in a series of steps that can result in a vicious cycle.  Pain can become worse and worse in a pattern that seems unstoppable.… Read More

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a form of psychological therapy that can be used to treat chronic back pain. Many well-designed studies have shown the clinical effectiveness of CBT.… Read More

Depression & Back Pain

Depression is four times more common in patients with chronic back pain than in the general population. Depression and chronic back pain share many of the same or similar symptoms so it is easy to understand how they often co-exist and can overlap each other.… Read More

Different Faces Of Pain

Are there really different kinds of pain? The explosion of discovery in the field of neuroscience is rapidly transforming modern medicine.… Read More

Myths or Truths in Back Pain

Myth 1: Getting plenty of rest is the best defense against back pain. Right? Wrong!
Truth: Resting in bed or lying on the couch for too long can actually delay recovery and make your pain worse.… Read More