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15 Items To Know About Back Pain

  1. Think about your spine as being healthy. Dispel the ideas you may have a “damaged” or weak spine. Remind yourself that your spine is strong.
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Basic Types of Exercise

There are three basic groups of exercise. They are:

  • Range of Motion Exercises (also referred to as flexibility or stretching).
  • Strengthening Exercises which may include:
    • Exercise performed with and without weights.
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Seafood: A Smart Choice For Health!


By Tina Ruggiero, MS, RD, LD
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Stress, Fear & Pain

Lets face it: stress is a part of life. Why does it seem to cause pain, or at least make pain worse when we are having it? Some people might think: Well, stress is always a part of life, but pain…that’s a separate problem.… Read More